The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival in Roppongi Hills

Excellent work which gathered from all over the world and ten days when we can appreciate topic product earlier. In carpet events coloring opening, luxurious guest from home and abroad flocks in Roppongi Hills Arena. Please enjoy experience to be able to taste only in film festival period.

Held summary


From Wednesday, October 25, 2017 to November 3 Friday (holiday)


TOHO cinemas Roppongi Hills, Roppongi Hills Arena, O-Yane Plaza et al.

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Opening / closing / 30th commemorative opening special

Opening carpet events

"Opening carpet events" of annual. Luxurious guest from home and abroad flocks in Roppongi Hills Arena and gives glory over carpet gorgeously. Anyone can see that star close if we arrive.

  • The date: Wednesday, October 25, 2017
  • Place: Roppongi Hills Arena

Opening work "alchemist of steel"

©2017 Hiroshi Arakawa /SQUARE ENIX ©2017 movie "alchemists of steel"

Fantasy action masterpiece which made magnificent, overwhelming view of the world of national comics "hagaren" of total circulation 70 million copies breakthrough live-action film. Adventure of brothers to regain all which we lost begins now.

Closing ceremony

Prize winner is announced from work which has been shown for ten days every section. The blue ribbon "Tokyo grand prix" chosen among kompentishon section attracts big attention.

Closing work ": Truth to Power An Inconvenient Sequel"

©2017 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

"The inconvenient truth" that won two branches of Academy Awards, and recorded blockbuster throughout the world. As ten years, the earth is unprecedented since then; is on the verge. What really happened in these 10 years? Japan goes ashore the most timely movie at last now.

The 30th memory opening special work "sky Sea -KU-KAI-"

©2017 New Classics Media,Kadokawa Corporation,Emperor Motion Pictures,Shengkai Film

The Chen Kaige X original: Actor contest in the daytime luxurious Baku Yumemakura X, unprecedented in the daytime joint spectacle masterpiece. Huge - - which is mysterious, and approaches that the sea of the sky shakes the history with poet, Bai Juyi priest who went over to China as envoy to the Tang Dynasty from Japan in the times of Tang.

Special guest appears

Guest information is updated at any time in film festival official site.

Outdoors screening Cinema Areana 30

We select carefully and, from 6,000 past screening works, show secret masterpiece from the Tokyo grand prix, opening free at one sweep!

  • Thursday, October 26 10:25 ... "revolt"
  • Thursday, October 26 13:20 ... "12 gentle Japanese"
  • Thursday, October 26 15:20 ... "warm reception 1.1"
  • Sunday, October 29 10:10 ... "bay max"
  • Sunday, October 29 16:30 ... "Titanic"
  • If "we can come across" ... at 10:10 on Monday, October 30
  • Monday, October 30 12:05 ... "course that came of first love"
  • Monday, October 30 13:45 ... "green destiny"
  • Monday, October 30 15:55 ... "hot love as we boil hot water"
  • Monday, October 30 18:10 ... "single man"
  • Tuesday, October 31 10:10 ... "Charlie's angel"
  • Tuesday, October 31 12:00 ... "detective John book eyewitness"
  • Tuesday, October 31 14:05 ... "Air Force One"
  • Tuesday, October 31 16:20 ... "you dual sasupekutsu"
  • Tuesday, October 31 18:15 ... "Tom at the farm"
  • Wednesday, November 1 10:10 ... "flying house of curl old man"
  • "We go to see waterfall" ... at 12:05 on Wednesday, November 1
  • Wednesday, November 1 13:45 ... "the town"
  • Wednesday, November 1 16:00 ... "Argo"
  • Wednesday, November 1 18:10 ... "field of dreams"
  • Thursday, November 2 10:10 ... "lesson that pig was"
  • Thursday, November 2 12:10 ... "police musical band of lost child"
  • Thursday, November 2 13:55 ... "key of Sarah"
  • Thursday, November 2 16:00 ... "strongest two"
  • Thursday, November 2 18:05 ... "on the rocks, stock & toe smoking barrels"
  • Friday, November 3 10:10 ... "inconvenient truth"
  • Friday, November 3 12:00 ... "Wally"
  • Friday, November 3 14:00 ... "arumagedon"

All the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up


We carry out cleaning activity to pick up garbage around the Roppongi Hills which is venue of the Tokyo International Film Festival, and to have many guests to invite from home and abroad stay comfortably. We present film festival clean up original towel and work gloves to person who participated. All of you, please participate.

  • The date: Saturday, October 14, 2017
  • Hours: From 10:00 to 11:30 (9:30 acceptance start)
  • Meeting place: Roppongi Hills Roku-Roku Plaza
  • Participation privilege: We give all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up original towel & work gloves. (all are limited in number.)
  • The application deadline: Wednesday, October 11, 2017
  • Application method:
    • [from the Internet]
      ⇒ Application closed.
    • [in Tel]
      03-6406-6383 (to the Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association secretariat)
      Sponsorship: All the Tokyo International Film Festival and committee

The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival in Roppongi Hills