Roppongi Hills HALLOWEEN 2017

Season of Halloween came over this year. From Friday, October 13 to 31st Tuesday, Roppongi Hills is flooded with Halloween! We introduce goods enlivening pleasant events and party including classic parade, fun of Roppongi Hills Halloween including special Halloween menu of restaurant!

Halloween parade

We disguise ourselves as character of movie, and let's participate in parade!

Autumn common usage event "Halloween parade of Roppongi Hills is the 15th at this time, too". This year disguise theme "movie!" Let's parade disguised as character of movie! We present cake to child who disguises itself, and participated in parade!

Held summary


Saturday, October 28, 2017


From 10:30 to 13:30 (plan)


Roppongi Hills Arena

Participation qualification

Anyone can participate from child to adult if we disguise ourselves.

Participation method

We accept in Roppongi Hills Arena at any time until from 9:45 to 13:00 on Saturday, October 28.

Inquiries TEL: 03-6406-6000
(Roppongi Hills synthesis information from 10:00 to 21:00)
  • As one group, parade is divided into several groups in Hours, and they start approximately 200 people.
  • You may have to wait until start depending on the participation number of people to some extent.
  • The time required of parade is approximately 25 minutes.
  • Protector, please accompany child by all means (companion does not need disguise).
  • Person taken for (from 9:45 to 13:00) during reception hours can participate in parade at any time.
  • Please note that there are not locker room and baggage place.
  • Parade is called off in case of rain, but presents cake to customer that we disguise ourselves as Roppongi Hills Arena and were arrived.

Roppongi Hills HALLOWEEN 2017