Tai chi chuan 2017 of Roppongi Hills morning

Annual events "morning Tai chi chuan" of Roppongi Hills summer makes the holding 15th in this year and settles as place of community with various places living in Roppongi Hills and outskirts area and community-based events that it is. Application is not necessary, and anyone can participate, and even beginner can enjoy casually. In addition, as for the present of ticket which is available in restaurant of Roppongi Hills for person who participated several times. Do you not reach the cause of refreshing sunlight, healthy morning?

Participation privilege

We distribute stamp card to all the one that participated in "morning Tai chi chuan". We perform push of one stamp every daily participation. We present restaurant ticket (500 yen share) which is usable at eating and drinking store in Roppongi Hills when three stamps gather! We present one piece toward the award for perfect attendance more!

Instructor profile


Ayato Makita (makitaayato) aged bonze

  • '51
    • We are born in Ehime and begin to learn Tai chi chuan from '79.
  • From '88 to '95
    • We learn Tai chi chuan 83 ARATA shelf type Chen-type than *toryoroshi of Shanghai.
  • April, '98
    • Hamadayama dojo studio establishment
  • '03
    • "Tai chi chuan of Roppongi Hills morning" start.
  • '05
    • "Tai chi chuan hygiene to have alone" publication
  • '06
    • "Live static exercises hygiene to have alone" publication
  • '07
    • It is started "lesson kanka 24 sets Tai chi chuan broadcast lively" CS TV (248).
  • '08
    • "It is the healthy first morning Tai chi chuan DVD lesson" publication
  • '11
    • "Why" of "Tai chi chuan to listen to to nobody "Publication
  • '13
    • "Simple kikotaisogokingiken*ho (DVD) foolproof gokingi" publication
  • '15
    • "All of HOW TO Tai chi chuan" publication
  • '17
    • "Secret of Tai chi chuan" publication
  • Now
    • "kozumikkudansu Institute" representative

Held summary


Saturday, July 22, 2017, Sunday, July 23, Saturday, July 29, Sunday, July 30, Saturday, August 5, Sunday, August 6

  • In the case of rainout, we will tell in official Twitter, Facebook of Roppongi Hills.

From 7:30 to 8:15 (approximately 45 minutes)


Roku-Roku Plaza

Entrance fee



Ayato Makita (makitaayato) aged bonze

  • Please participate with low shoes of heels such as clothes, sneakers which are not used to occupy health such as jerseys.
  • It is called off in case of rain.
Contact 03-6406-6000
(general information)

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