Roppongi Hills Mother's Day gift 2017

Sunday, May 14 is Mother's Day. We introduce gift to give feeling of "thank you" from each Roppongi Hills Inside buildings shops.

  • Period varies according to store.
  • During contents, period of product of publication, we may be changed without notice.
  • Please inform each store of various inquiries.


At moment when we opened out, we are fascinated with bright rose

Romantic person product whom rose that pink contrast was beautiful was spread all over in box made which we did well.

Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design 2017 Mother's Day-limited preserved flower box arrangement

Middle (photograph: the left) 17,280 yen (tax-included)

Small (photograph: the right) 9,720 yen (tax-included)


Luxury flavor that we want to use when it is special

Seven kinds of selected sets of hand cream moisturizing skin in soap which shut in flavor of rose and light feel of a material with moisture.

Red Rose soap, geranium & nuts hand cream 8,532 yen (tax-included)

CLASSICS the Small Luxury

Pack flower in full glory with feeling of thanks

Feel that elegant handkerchief set is flexible. Order embroidery that put carnation and initial together is possible.

Bouquet set 5,616 yen (tax-included)

Embroidery 864 yen (tax-included) special in Mother's Day


Mind and body are relaxed with given easy flavor together

Gift set which expensive soap and scrub to untie skin, humidity retention milk, sachet of fair skin effect enter, and body care enjoy by total, and is wrapped in flavor of peace.

Sweet Lady Gift 14,000 yen (tax-included)


We give neck by the softness such as robe of an angel

Shawl made of threads of organic cotton. We are stylish just to wind up with pink, gray, three colors of messengers of ivory roughly.

Shawl gift 15,390 yen (tax-included)


It is sigh of relief with organic tea of Province

Fill can of modern design with tea leaves of flavor that flavor including strawberry & rhubarb and apricot & pistachio is high in.
In shops, we have mini-plate and pick, cup coloring sweets thyme elegantly abundantly.

Gourmet tea six cans gift set 7,560 yen (tax-included)


It is more fun with glittering parasol on fine day

Dough of hemming of gold and natural taste is lady like. Even if there are several parasol which we want to match with TPO, we are glad.

ATHENA NEW YORK 35,640 yen (tax-included)


Detached race glove appropriate for adult

Delicate gloves made with race in France. Diamond pattern is chic and creates money of adult woman beautifully.

Race glove for each 6,480 yen (tax-included)


On skin of important person who always does the best reward

High-performance makeup liquid which protects skin from ultraviolet ray and environmental stress in the daytime, and supports function that skin originally has by night.

oltana thyme management essence 5,940 yen (tax-included)


On rainy day, comfortable blue sky opens

Wood steering wheel and refreshing coloring are good umbrellas in this season. It is light with short style and is convenient for carrying around.

Couturier petit 16,200 yen (tax-included)


We give special skin care thyme

It is gift in Roppongi Hills shop-limited Mother's Day which filled shiny smooth skin with seat masks leading. As for the original porch!

ginosupesharusukinkeasetto 8,640 yen (tax-included)


On skin which wants to be refreshed blessing of mineral

Water mist of deep-ocean water. Trang kill glow of Rose & refreshing herb of gorgeous flavor only in Roppongi store to set.

Sea water mist set 3,240 yen (tax-included)


Hours which is rich by the finest nail care

We offer Mother's Day-limited special nail care course. Special care + selectable pack + nail file of the cuticle circumference or manicure one color coating.


Present which is nice from salon of the beauty and health

It is presented skin care travel set (3,000 yen equivalency) by surgical operations more than 10,800 yen (tax-included) at the time of reservation by "Mother's Day gift" and the first five people who had you tell.


A lot of gifts of individual selection

With everyday thanks, we suggest book and movie which we want to give in Mother's Day with greeting card.

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