This year is usually creation between "magnificent art sky which can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in" absolute if we make field of flowers "of" cherry tree opening using 1,000 cherry trees all over the venue in time, place that cannot look at cherry tree and visit venue.
In addition, "SAKE" events "CRAFT SAKE WEEK Roppongi Hills" which we select all over Japan, and sake of 100 storehouses of gooseberry and dishes of first-class restaurant can enjoy holds from Friday, April 7.
​In addition, seihatakeseijunshi of plant Hunter handling plant with much-talked-about architect, Sosuke Fujimoto that plan, production of this installation leads building world with Hidetoshi Nakata now just as wanted is charge. Producer Hidetoshi Nakata realizes luxurious collaboration with artist playing an active part in these world and first-class sake brewery, restaurant and directs normal non-daily experience. Please expect in the Japan's biggest events that "music" fuses with "sake" and "art" held in town "Roppongi" of art.


  • Day of Friday, April 7 TOP GUNS
  • Day of Saturday, April 8 THE MASTERS OF SAKE
  • Day of Sunday, April 9 liquor x sound
  • Day of Monday, April 10 cherry tree beautiful woman
  • Day of Tuesday, April 11 native district liquor
  • Day of Wednesday, April 12 SPARKLING SAKE
  • Day of storehouse founded in Thursday, April 13 Muromachi - Edo era
  • Day of Friday, April 14 Kyushu boy
  • Day of Saturday, April 15 SAKENOMY ALLSTARS
  • Day of Sunday, April 16 team 14s

Please confirm the details of branch team in official site.

Held summary


From Friday, April 7, 2017 to Sunday, April 16


From 12:00 to 21:00 (L.O. 20:30)


Roppongi Hills Arena


CRAFT SAKE starter set 3,500 yen (for six pieces of 250 yen coins for glass + liquor, meal) ※The additional purchase is possible

  • Please buy prior ticket purchase from the following site.
    "PassMarket" (pass market)
  • We buy in venue during period and can do it.

On the day person only for meal, please buy additional coin set in venue.

  • [additional coin A set] 1,500 yen (for six pieces of 250 yen coins for liquor, meal)
  • [additional coin B set] 2,500 yen (for 11 pieces of 250 yen coins for liquor, meal)


Special cooperation Roppongi Hills
The support

Nestle Japan, Inc., Nikken total so Sing, Marutake transportation


WASARA, pine virtue glass, Tropical Disco, IDO, HASEGAWA Co., Ltd. liquor shop, GINZA FASHION WEEK


J-WAVE, Inc. 81.3FM

Official application


Venue constitution

Sosuke Fujimoto architecture drawing office, sora botanical garden


Sun ad




Roppongi Hills X CRAFT SAKE WEEK

Even restaurant of Roppongi Hills will enjoy sake!

From Friday, April 7 to 16th Sunday limitation of "CRAFT SAKE WEEK at ROPPONGI HILLS" period! We offer sake opening a store and, at 7 following stores, make up for CRAFT SAKE WEEK.

  • Road according to service charge all tax-excluded as for the price

Jean-Georges Tokyo

One step oneself (breathe) / Toyokuni cherry blossom brewing

Who mogaunazukeru liquor. Do not slack without hurrying patiently, by one step...

  • Purely U.S. home brew (glassful) 649 yen
  • No filtration straight home brew (glassful) 649 yen
  • It is lightly fuzz (glassful) 649 yen

Roppongi Inakia

Yamawa (yamawa) / Yamawa brewing shop

It is liquor which young court officials who succeeded the skill of who southern part chief brewer tradition aroused with passion.

  • It is pure rice (glass 1 go) 900 yen particularly
  • Purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice (glass 1 go) 1,000 yen


Forest (forest of a cold) / oil long brewing of wind

You squeeze forest of wind and can enjoy the same pure sake throughout the year.

  • ALPHA1 (720 ml) 2,685 yen
  • Akitsu ear pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice (720 ml) 3,333 yen
  • Bare leaf-style purely U.S. large brewing sake from the finest rice (720 ml) 3,611 yen

Roku Roku

** (sharaku) / kyusemmei*

President controls sake brewing by oneself for the fourth generation and devotes all energy to improvement of quality of liquor every year.

  • Pure mijiu (1 go) 1,500 yen, (bottle) 6,000 yen
  • Large brewing sake from the finest rice drop collecting (1 go) 3,000 yen, (bottle) 12,000 yen

The Oak Door Bar

Iyo matter shop (be key) / Jackie Chan brewing to congratulate

Founding 1877. We arouse liquor during meal not to be tired of drinking "thing to make liquor with dream and heart" in idea.

  • No filtration purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice black label (90 ml of glasses) 1,000 yen, (bottle) 8,000 yen
  • No filtration pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice green label (90 ml of glasses) 1,200 yen, (bottle) 9,600 yen


Masumi (masumi) / Miyasaka brewing

It is founded in 1662 in Shinshu Suwa. It is sake brewery of association seven yeast origin.

We were sold out because of favorable reception.

  • Masumi Yawaraka Type-1 (90 ml of glasses) 1,200 yen, (salmon Mojito) 1,900 yen
  • Masumi purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice lightly has sound voiced (90 ml of glasses); 1,200 yen, (salmon Martini) 1,900 yen


Product (zaku) / Seizaburo Shimizu store

It is always sake brewery which continues pursuing new taste while learning from tradition.

  • ga*chichutori ri (1 go) 1,800 yen, (bottle) 7,000 yen
  • ho*chi (1 go) 1,500 yen, (bottle) 6,000 yen