Santa Claus does in Roppongi Hills! : Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2016/ Roppongi hiruzuaterijientokurisumasu

Santa Claus appears in limitation, Roppongi Hills for three days. As HILL SIDE B2F "Break room for parents and children" makes an excursion as for Santa Claus, please find! Please enjoy Christmas by taking a ceremonial photograph with child still more.


  • The date and time: December 23, 2016 Friday (holiday) - Sunday, December 25
  • Hours
    • From 13:00 to 15:30 (HILL SIDE B2F Break room for parents and children neighborhood - Mohri Garden neighborhood - HILL SIDE 1F fir tree shops neighborhood)
    • From 16:30 to 18:10 (WEST WALK 4F, 3F, 2F)

Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2016