Message of Christmas happy to person running out of wish a wish ... size ~: Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2016/ Roppongi hiruzuaterijientokurisumasu

It is plan that can send Christmas card reaching to important person who is in the neighbor or is somewhere of Japan, somewhere of the world and oneself one year later. When we fill in message to person who is important for original Christmas card distributing in Roppongi Hills and mail in the special post, we send the letter to Christmas one year later from Roppongi Hills.

wish a wish
  • Period From Monday, November 14, 2016 to Sunday, December 25
  • Card Distribution locations: Each the Roppongi Hills store, Roppongi Hills observatory Tokyo City View, Grand Hyatt Tokyo
  • Special post-place: WEST WALK 2F, information counter, Roppongi Hills observatory Tokyo City View
  • The support:Citizen Watch
wish a wish

Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2016