Christmas market: Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2016/ Roppongi hiruzuaterijientokurisumasu

Christmas market of Roppongi Hills reaches the holding tenth anniversary in this year. Meeting place reproduces Christmas market of Germany Stuttgart said to be the world's largest. 11 stores in total line up in town along romantic highway which is famous by handling traditional German Christmas item shops which full-scale German food such as miscellaneous goods, guryuwain or sausage can taste more than approximately 1,000 kinds including "kete uorufaruto" having Main Store on thing Christmas throughout the year. In commemoration of the holding tenth anniversary, we sell Special Menu and original mug cup this year.

  • Period From Saturday, November 26, 2016 to Sunday, December 25
  • Hours: From 11:00 to 21:00

    Friday and Saturday, days before holidays do business until 22:00, and they are extended

  • Place: O-Yane Plaza
  • Support: The Federal Republic of Germany Embassy, Goethe-Institut Japan Germany Cultural Center, the sightseeing station in Germany
  • The support: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

★Three major points of Roppongi Hills Christmas market★

1.The tenth anniversary held in this year! Japanese Christmas market which reproduced Christmas market of one of the world's largest home Germany

In Roppongi Hills, we reproduce market on Christmas of Stuttgart that is said to be in country, Germany on Christmas when Christmas market of 2,500 or more is opened in the whole country if one of the world's largest. It may be said that it is market in the country reaching the holding tenth in this year on eminent well-established Christmas. Anything is up to professional standard, and recall is high in Santa Claus or reindeer to display roof of each store and lets you feel illusion that seemed to visit home Germany. Special Menu in commemoration of the holding tenth anniversary unfolds this year, too.

2.Christmas items more than approximately 1,000 kinds gather! As for not only the day of Christmas but also the run-up, take the ease ... this year; is ... already

In home Germany of Christmas, there is culture to purchase items such as tree or ornament in Christmas markets during period called "ad Vento (the Advent)" for four weeks from about December 1, and to prepare for. In Christmas market of Roppongi Hills, we offer item celebrating Christmas more than 1,000 kinds. In Japan, we are apt to pay attention for two days of December 24 (Christmas Eve) and December 25 (on the day), how about dropping in at Christmas market this year, and enjoying ad Vento period?

3.It is super classic in home Germany! Symbol "Christmas pyramid" of unknown Christmas market

One of German traditional Christmas ornaments that warmth of tree is warm "Christmas pyramid." It is five steps of huge pyramids made carefully in detail that appear in Christmas market of Roppongi Hills. Candle is given, and, in each step where doll and animals form a line, the system is such that hot (under eaves we save and set electricity) doll and animal of these candles turn calmly.

[Christmas-limited] Original mug cup (product of the tenth anniversary)


In home Germany, what drink warm guryuwain to make in red wine and spice with mug cup of market original is classic. 750 yen (tax-included)

Branch store of Christmas market


(1) German Christmas shops "kete uorufaruto"

Store specializing in world-famous German Christmas articles. Particularly, egg-shaped incense doll "sumoki" is popular; iyafigyurin of this year reindeer "roux D" of Christmas.

10th Anniversary special service
It is 10% OFF by purchase more than four ornaments made of original tree


(2) Glasswork "Joey rack club"

Shops of glasswork featuring delicate, pretty design. As it is all handmade, expressions are different one by one. You find favorite, and make original Christmas.

10th Anniversary special product
Two angel bells set 1,000 yen


(3) Christmas decoration item "ad vent shops from jar Mannie"

ranchomatto to display dining table of Christmas and items creating paper napkin, period until Christmas including Advent calendar happily line up.

10th Anniversary special product
Original Advent calendar 1,000 yen


(4) Snow dome "original Snow glove"

Thing only for one that Snow glove stood in the world for handicraft of craftsman of PERZY company founded in 1900. The feature of Hours that Alpine water having high transparency and warm "snow" are long is that we continue dancing.

10th Anniversary special product
PERZY SNOWGLOBE BOOK 2,000 yen (number of copies-limited)


(5) Lease "rasupusupaisudekoreshon" using spice

Flavor that the spice decorations made with cinnamon or glove, star anise are comfortable. Lease and ornament which are not available are found in others.

10th Anniversary special product
Set 3,900 yen (four kinds of musical instruments have two colors of colors) of stand made of angel & brass with spice decoration musical instrument


(6) German bread and cake "vainahatsutanne"

We offer bread and baked confectionery of Christmas that we made with the traditional manufacturing method of German Meister art handed down directly. Spice rum, fruit...We can enjoy taste to remain in memory that each flavor becomes more attractive.

  • Elly then Raabe kuchen 450 yen
  • Microskirt stollen 400 yen
  • Pretzel 200 yen of Meister

10th Anniversary menu

  • Pear buroto 1,000 yen
  • Pretzel cookies 200 yen

(7) German beer "Kaiser grill"

"hofuburoivaisubia" proud of great popularity to in public performance Germany of beer is popular vaunted Germany beer every year. We handcraft German winter charming sights guryuwain which worked of spice carefully.

  • hofuburoimyunhenavaisubia S \ 900/M 1,400 yen
  • A lot of sausage 600-800 yen

10th Anniversary menu
Set 1,000 yen (ten meals of daily limitation) of Sekt from Germany and Germany-producing ham


(8) Goulash and guryuwain "Christmas cafe of Marcus"

Accent that German beef stew "goulash" which stewed Hokkaido Japanese black beef in black beer has good sauerkraut. "Apple wine" which we ordered from German well-established maker comes up.

  • With goulash sauerkraut 1,100 yen
  • Hot apple wine 500 yen
  • Butter pretzel 400 yen

10th Anniversary menu
Special Christmas set 2,400 yen of goulash and apple wine


(9) German sausage "kenihhi"

Shop which can enjoy authentic taste eaten at German street corner. Using high quality Japanese domestic raw materials, traditional homemade ham sausage which we learned in Germany is recommended in genuine article pursuing taste.

  • churingaburatovurusuto 600 yen
  • nyurumberuga 700 yen

10th Anniversary menu
karevurusuto 1,000 yen (limited number of) of 100% of Yonezawa beef


(10) German beer & German food "Zugspitze"

Basic guryuvain is two kinds of red & white! We take palatine Ken of Vienna-style crepe to fried food, dessert of major schnitzel and mushrooms which are addicted if we eat once in Germany.

  • Schnitzel 1,200 yen
  • Fried mushrooms 600 yen
  • Palatine Ken (Vienna-style crepe) 600 yen

10th Anniversary special product
Glass 1,500 yen of the 500th anniversary of the German beer single-mindedness law


(11) Hot dog and soup "German hot stands 2016"

aintopufu which warms to good core in cold season. Please enjoy with German curry dog and cinnamon basic guryuwain with stick which spice worked for.

  • German curry dog 500 yen
  • aintopufu 600 yen
  • guryuwain 600 yen

10th Anniversary menu
Seven kinds of cheese dock for each 700 yen

  • We may change about product (menu), Other contents.
  • Displayed price is all tax-included.

Meeting place guide map MARKET MAP

(1) kete uorufaruto, (2) Joey rack club, (3) ad vent shops from jar Mannie, (4) original Snow glove, (5) rasupusupaisudekoreshon, (6) vainahatsutanne, (7) Kaiser grill, Christmas cafe of (8) Marcus, (9) kenihhi, (10) Zugspitze, (11) jar man hot stands 2016

Roppongi Hills Artelligent Christmas 2016