Activity report 2013

Saturday, December 21 Roppongi clean up holding

Roppongi clean up which started in December, 2003. It was full ten years in this month. And the 100th this time holding in total.
We had you participate in one of a total of approximately 12,000 until now.
Including all of you that what were held without accident once for ten years has you cooperate as leader subleader every time,
We think of cooperation gaattekosodato of many people. We express sincere appreciation on this occasion.
Roppongi clean up in future for beautification of Roppongi, Azabu district,
In addition, as we will be active aiming at community expansion of participant, area,
Thanks in advance for your help.

It is various places of 123 to have had you participate at such memorable this time. Thank you for your participation of the cold inside!
In addition, we hold annual social gathering concerning the last activity this time in December in 2013.
Would one and interchange that we usually cleaned together be deepened?
In announcement of award for perfect attendance, one of 17 became commendation this year.
In the one that was not so, everybody, attended regularly one year really thank you!
Thanks in advance for your help in 2014.

It is holding on Saturday, January 18 on the next time.
We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, November 16 Roppongi clean up holding

Winter suddenly these past several days; became cheerful.
Clean up of November is fair weather. We were able to hold without being after a long absence, and worrying about weather.
126 all of you who had you participate, thank you.

In atmosphere that coverage of NHK entered today, and was slightly always different again became held.
(broadcast is plan of ... at 19:30 on Friday, November 29.)

In addition, to today small child surprise!
After cleaning, assorted delicious cakes was presented as Christmas present by Starbucks!
(good. Neighboring adults w slobbering in this)

It is holding on Saturday, December 21 on the next time.
As it becomes the last activity in 2013, we carry out annual social gathering.
As perform announcement of award for perfect attendance, in fun!

Saturday, July 20 Roppongi clean up holding

Because the last time was called off, clean up of July when became held for the first time in two months.
We prepared for becoming severe activity for abnormal heat of here these days, but it is today, and heat softens...
The sky of us seemed to look from a viewpoint!

It is various places of 145 to have had you participate.
There was more participation of child, and clean up became younger at a stretch at this time for the first day in summer vacation (laugh)

Coffee time when is annual let alone the last. Iced coffee after having sweated is the best!
Starbucks coffee, always thank you!

As for the next time, it is usually held on Saturday, August 17.
We look forward to your coming!

Saturday, May 18 Roppongi clean up holding

Under the sky where is right ideal day for clean up as for the activity of May became held.
It is 107 people to have had you participate.
We had you participate in many children probably because we helped with comfortable climate.

This photograph is state of two groups.
The vice-chief priest of temple, staff of apparel shops, the staff of restaurant, beautician...
It was member full of variety!
It is Roppongi clean up naradehadesu to be able to get to know various people in this way.

As for the next time, it is usually held on Saturday, June 15. We look forward to your coming!

Saturday, April 20 Roppongi clean up holding

Cloudy sky which it seems to begin to rain at any moment. But it does not rain. It is different last year.
Clean up of this month was held safely under the wintry sky as we did not think to be April, too.
It is 135 people to have gathered.

We said start of the ARATA year or felt that there were many newcomers.
Furthermore, when there is coverage of newspaper this time, too, in unusual atmosphere became held.
All of you, the cold inside thank you!

As for the next time, it is usually held on Saturday, May 18.
We look forward to your coming!

Meeting X Roppongi clean up Art Night special 2013 holding to clean Roppongi on Sunday, March 24

After core time of "Roppongi Art Night 2013" held over from 23 to 24 on March,
We worked on cleaning in collaboration that we did not meet to clean Roppongi this year.

After having enjoyed Art Night, let's clean by their hands! It is 174 people to have gathered in this at half past 9 a.m.
In the one that participated while rubbing sleepy eyes after the all night among them.

We left Tokyo midtown, and we were in the middle of returning to Roppongi Hills, and way of enjoying unusual clean up might make cherry trees in full blossom into downtown in spite of being pleasure to see displayed art work.

All of you who had you participate, thank you.

We are going to usually hold next month on Saturday, April 20.
We look forward to your participation!

Sunday, February 24 flea market by Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association

On Sunday, February 24, we held "flea market" as part of reuse activity of 2013.

22 booths are branches at one living in residence this time becoming held first for our residents' association and all including the staff of store.
Clothing and miscellaneous goods, product of various genres including secondhand book exhibited.

We may say the first holding and worried about pulling in customers at first, but of approximately 200 lines up before opening,
The venue became crowd of people with the opening.
As for the person from branch where most products have been sold in the 30th minute among them!

A lot of requests that are held from person from branch from customer that came on the next time based on opinion from,
We want to decide activity contents of the next fiscal year.

In addition, the total amount contributes "peach, persimmon scholarship association" to branch charges which person from branch gave to (total 33,000- yen).

While people from branch are cold; really thank you!

Saturday, February 16 Roppongi clean up holding

Temperature 3 degrees. Violence-style February 6 Motoki cleanup that became held while we rage.
Nature and tears come out to excessive cold how much cold it is...

Meanwhile, it is various places of 116 that clean up attracted.
Would you not catch cold at the everybody future?
Participation, thank you very much.

By the way, it is next clean up, but is plan of "Art Night special" of annual.
The date and time: Sunday, March 24 10:00 start (9:30 acceptance start)
Meeting place: Tokyo midtown

As the details improve later in homepage of Roppongi clean up, please confirm that place.
We look forward to your participation!

Tuesday, January 22 Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2013 new annual convention

We hold "Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2013 new annual convention" in Academy Hills on January 22.
Member of residents' association, approximately 220 people including Neighborhood Association Activities participant gathered and exchanged greetings of the New Year.

On the day, in venue, stand booth comes up by cooperation of restaurant 8 store in Hills!
As for Other, wine corner by J-WAVE, Inc. and fruit corner of Ibaraki-ichi Market, the homemade dishes by executive committee volunteer,
It became very luxurious lineup.

This events which became annual event of the New Year around Chairperson all parts of residents' association, various places of community sectional meeting,
We raised executive committee from about the end of November and prepared.
All of you who cooperated this time, thank you very much.

In 2013 Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association thank you for your cooperation.

Saturday, January 19 Roppongi clean up holding

All of you A Happy New Year.

The first clean up of this year is fair weather wonderfully. We were able to make a start that it had good good omen.
Participant is 127 people in all. Did while temperature 4 degrees Celsius, heavy snow of the other day remained, but from this time small child to old people,
We had you participate in many people.

When when there is group which does not readily start before departure, we go to see state,
All of five groups which leader Nakayama leads is taking a ceremonial photograph. (photograph: the left edge)
As for seeing group which shot group photo before departure, it seemed to be made friends metedesu (laugh) everybody immediately at the beginning!
We were very somewhat glad!

Clean up is the tenth year in this year.
For this memorable one year, we want to be active with all of you happily!
We would like this year.

It is normal holding on Saturday, February 16 on the next time.
We look forward to your participation!