Activity report 2012

Saturday, December 15 Roppongi clean up social gathering

The last clean up is canceled for rainy weather forecast in 2012.
It has been underprivileged one year in weather to the very end this year.

But, social gathering of going December is held on schedule every year.
Because cleaning had been called off, how long would come and worried a little, but of osoyo 80 came.

We put feeling of thanks to everybody who participated for one year and offer simple meal and drink.
In atmosphere that participants who cannot readily usually speak slowly deepen the friendship, and is harmonious became held.

One of 29 wins annual award for perfect attendance!
Because there was little number of the holding (!) One more than ka, conventional double became receiving a prize (laugh)
Person who has missed receiving a prize regrettably this time, please do the best for award for perfect attendance next year.

We had you participate in Roppongi clean up for one year, and thank you very much this year.
We will look forward to your participation next year.

Next time cleanup is Saturday, January 19.
We look forward to your participation.

All Saturday, October 13 Tokyo international film festivals and clean up

Ahead of holding of "the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival" to start on October 20,
We clean town of Roppongi becoming venue, and let's invite guest comfortably! The cause of purpose called this,
"All the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" (sponsorship: all Tokyo international film festivals and committee) were held this year.

We hold Roppongi clean up of degree in form to participate in this film festival clean up in average year in October.

There are the beginning, all original and Chairperson at committee, Mayor of Takei Minato-ku, greetings from Yoda film festival chairman,
We are divided into ten groups, and cleaning starts afterwards.
It was chilly when we kept still, but was weather that was just right to clean.
Quantity of garbage which finally gathered became 21 bags (90?).

That, concerning film festival clean up, ticket of movie is presented to all the participants last this time; is glad; is with benefits.
Everybody who had you participate, thank you.

As for the next time cleanup, normal Saturday, November 17; become held.
We look forward to your participation.

Beauty seminar healthy on Wednesday, October 3 in 2012 in the third

We held healthy beauty "beauty seminar hosted by sectional meeting healthy in 2012 in the third".
This theme "autumn."

To Mr. Jennie Ushiyama, we were introduced to healthy gyoza not to put meat in.
Gyoza which does not use oil with steamed gyoza at all heals tired body in summer using pumpkin, potato, bean-curd refuse minutely.
It will be what everybody was surely useful for in polite, plain story of Mr. Jennie.

From Mr. Ito, it was care for autumn skin and story of one point make.
Despite autumn, we had importance of Japanese-Chinese preventive beauty lecture at time when stronger sunlight remained.
In addition, participants wrestled in training about brilliancy of lipstick very eagerly.

Next holding plans the beginning of December.
Don't miss it!

Sunday, September 16, 23rd Sunday neighborhood town assembly portable shrine meeting

There is togo of portable shrine from Motoazabu Hikawa Shrine and Azabu Juban mall promotion association young man society on Sunday, September 16
We invited as Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association grandly.

Motoazabu Hikawa Shrine is godotogo by 6 town assemblies of annual. Six portable shrines, scene that we carry on our shoulder, and approximately 600 hands gather in a hall are force perfect scores.
This scenery to be filled with people before gate tower became autumn charming sights.

togo first on the night of the same day from Azabu Juban mall promotion association young man society.
This was youth of all of blue annual conventions and portable shrine full of humor, and it was meeting with atmosphere that gangs were different from Japan and China in again.

Unfortunately festival of Emperor's ancestors Shrine planned on Sunday, September 23 has been called off for bad weather,
Food which we prepared for person sent to meet in a day on 16th is 850 onigiri, deep-fried chicken 850, doughnut 850!
Because this quantity disappears in no time, it is surprising.

Members of residents' association which we helped, thank you into the night.

Saturday, September 15 Roppongi cleanup

Day when the lingering summer heat is severe continues still more.
In the heat, we held degree clean up in September.
Is it the heart's desire (!)? It is finally this time when it became held under the fine weather, people of participation itadainoha 139.
Always thank you for all of you.

Camera adheres to two groups this time. He/she photographed state of clean up of the 4, Roppongi area.
Pretty figure of child picking up garbage hard is impressive using a certain fire scissors as own height.
Still, smile that everybody is good for!

Clean up of next month becomes "all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" and is ... (9:30 acceptance start) at 10:00 on Saturday, October 13.
As the date, Hours are different from usual, please be careful not to make any mistake!
We look forward to your participation.

Saturday, August 18 Roppongi cleanup

Clean up of August when it became held for the first time in three months.
125 people participated in the Bon vacation mood still more in the world.

Cloudy sky which it seems to begin to rain at any moment. It was everybody who went for cleaning after a long absence while asking about state of the sky,
It is thunderstorm ... at moment when all groups returned saying "it was all right somehow!".
Chat ... was not made while drinking Starbucks coffee after usual fun slowly,
As we were not caught in the rain during cleaning, let's settle!

Still, clean up is not readily blessed with weather recently.
Let's hope that we can carry out under the fine weather next month.

Cap of plastic bottle which gathered today is approximately 17,000.
Thank you for your cooperation!

The date in next month is Saturday, September 15.
We look forward to your participation.

Beauty seminar healthy on Wednesday, July 18 in 2012 in the second

We held healthy beauty "beauty seminar hosted by sectional meeting healthy in 2012 in the second".
This theme "summer."

We have Mr. Jennie Ushiyama have a talk that it is the best for the health to have seasonal ingredients in light seasoning,
We were entertained with dishes using lotus root and whitefish, fish minced and steamed, Chinese citron.
In story of Mr. Jennie, we are often recalled some other time and are useful for the everyday eating habits very much.

From Mr. Ito, it was story of summer heat measures.
In summer, we have, anyway, importance of taking in thing, mineral taking thing, moisture cooling heat lecture,
Participants worked on training after lecture very eagerly.

Next holding plans about October from the end of September.
Don't miss it!

Saturday, May 19 Roppongi cleanup

All clear beautiful weather. In the best clean up weather, we performed activity of May.
127 participants. Always thank you for all of you!

And after being finished this time; from Starbucks present of coffee and tea!
Coffee after having walked for one hour is particular again.
Person who participates to enjoy this time is ... in there being a lot of

Cap of plastic bottle which gathered this month is approximately 24,000.
Last month, this month and quantity to gather are great probably because this year begins, and taking a rest continued!
I would like cooperation sequentially.

The date in next month is Saturday, June 16.
We look forward to your participation!

Beauty seminar healthy on Wednesday, April 25 in 2012 in the first

We held healthy beauty "beauty seminar hosted by sectional meeting healthy in 2012 in the first".
This theme "spring."

To Mr. Jennie Ushiyama, we are introduced to ingredients toward spring when metabolism improves,
Finally we were entertained with vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar of cherry tree rice and prawns which were delicious to eyes, shiitake, bamboo shoot Nishime.

We have Mr. Ito lecture on roller beauty, skin care to let pot and body for prevention of aging be refreshing,
It was various contents, but participants forgot that Hours was over and was asked eagerly.

Next holding plans about July from the end of June.
Don't miss it!

Saturday, April 21 Roppongi cleanup

When it is the weekend after this year began, it starts raining for some reason, this month of the beginning of 2012 became usually held.

It is 125 people to have participated this time.
Was cloudy sky, slightly chilly weather, but is after a long absence; probably because became usually held, participation spirit enough.
We spent time more than usual and cleaned elaborately.

And is everybody aware?
Uniform of Roppongi clean up was replaced with a new one what from this month!
Regardless of season, we adopt "bibb" as a result that adult examined child with ... to be usable.
Wearing of uniform is enabled from now on in whole year.
Please gradually get used to, everybody.

The date in next month is Saturday, May 19.
We look forward to your participation!

Meeting of Thursday, April 12 cherry blossom viewing

We held "meeting of cherry blossom viewing" in residence B ridge assembly room on Thursday, April 12.
Also, we had you enjoy cherry tree, rape in full bloom in rooftop garden of Keyakizaka Complex with cherry tree of Sakurazaka from window of assembly room.

Person who had you participate is approximately 100 people. Toward the residence during the beginning nuclear site, the store staff, office workers,
We had liquor and homemade dishes gather in hand by twos and threes each.
To onigiri and inarizushi, cake for cake, hors d'oeuvre, food such as fruit to beer, wine, champagne, sake, soft drinks.
Thing to be able to enjoy from child to adult equalled table in a row.

Thank you for various places and jikomi which we presented everybody who had.

Meeting X Roppongi clean up Art Night special 2012 to clean Roppongi on Sunday, March 25

Clean up of March titled "meeting X Roppongi clean up Art Night special 2012 to clean Roppongi,"
By tie-up that do not meet to clean Roppongi after core time of Roppongi Art Night 2012 became held.

It is various places of 203 in all to have gathered on the morning of Sunday, March 25.
Person who rubs sleepy eyes while wearing participation novelty "Kusama scarf" distributed at reception desk, person giving a yawn,
"We ran out of energy on the way, there seemed to be many ..." and which was enjoyed in Art Night all through the night this year including person who talked.

Chairperson meeting Minakawa, Chairperson Roppongi clean up representative Hara to clean in the beginning give greetings to and leave for iza cleaning.
We take a ceremonial photograph with "Yayoi" (work of Yayoi Kusama) in Roppongi Hills Arena on the way,
We clean while tasting atmosphere like Art Night special and are finished.

After having enjoyed Art Night, is their hands; town neatly.
It became very significant activity!

All of meetings cleaning Roppongi who had you participate, Art Night members of the executive committee, all of Roppongi clean up,
Thank you!

It is normal holding on Saturday, April 21 on the next time.
We look forward to your participation!

From Friday, March 23 to 25th Sunday Roppongi Hills spring festival holding

"Roppongi Hills spring festival" was started in average year this year for early from 23 to 25 on March for one week.
It was unfortunate weather on the first day, but when it is the second day, rain rises at about 3:00, and "Roppongi Art Night 2012 is held on the same day, too",
A large number of customers came.
From child including open garden (rooftop garden), footbathing and performance that are annual including gourmet stand to adult,
We think that you were able to enjoy everybody.
Stand which let open until 22:00 is sold out, and store appears, is more than average year; is bustle very much!
Long line was established, and even game stand of residents' association executive committee became festival in spring full of smiles.
All of you who had you help for three days, thank you very much.

Friday, March 9 Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training

Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training is carried out on March 9 in the first-year this year by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In Roppongi Hills Arena which became venue in spite of unfortunate rainy weather in resident, the store staff, office worker, neighborhood town assembly,
Approximately 900 people gathered and performed experience-based training including AED, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and fire extinguisher training.
In addition, Hara, chairperson of our residents' association got the job of the head on Azabu fire department day, and it was drained water off under the command of Chairperson Hara by fire drill all at once this year by water cannon truck.

So that, at the time of disaster, own life can turn around by own hand well in defense, situation where many people help alone,
I would like participation in training from now on.

We work on Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association reuse on Saturday for from Thursday, January 19 to 21st

For the third of collection activity of discarded things going in residents' association,
We performed "Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association X mobile phone cell-phone collection activity that was gorilla-free" on Saturday for from Thursday, January 19 to 21st

Number of carrying collected during period is 341!

We make all a hole in cell-phone which we kept in punch and completely shut out information leakage.
Profit that disintegrated, and sold collection, it in rare metal international young man environment NGO "A SEED JAPAN" (portable gorilla)
Through this, we contribute to protection group of African gorillas.

Help on the day, all of you who cooperated, thank you very much.

I would like next cooperation in future as we perform reuse recycling-related activities of unnecessary thing which is idle in the workplace and home in residents' association!

Wednesday, January 18 Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2012 new annual convention

Common usage event "Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2012 new annual convention" of the New Year.
It is held with Academy Hills 49 this year. Member of residents' association, person of approximately 240 including Neighborhood Association Activities participant participated.

We had you set up booth in 8 stores from restaurant in Hills including welcome drink and Ibaraki-ichi Market of J-WAVE this year in venue.
To everybody who participated, you might enjoy various dishes.

In addition, in lottery of premium, it is great cheers every elected candidate announcement in venue. Please expect next year.

Help on the day, all of premiums that offer, branch of booth cooperated, thank you very much.