Activity report 2010

Saturday, December 18 Roppongi cleanup

We performed the last clean up in 2010!
Have participate in of 135 at completion of one year and this time to be, and is after a long absence; by the six groups system became held.

We carry out social gathering after cleaning with feeling of thanks and appreciation to all of you who always participate this month.
While deepening the friendship with clean up friend without opportunity to usually talk about very slowly, everybody,
You might spend pleasant Hours.

In announcement of annual award for perfect attendance, what greatest-ever one of 15 wins.
kurinappuorijinarupimbajji was presented to everybody attended regularly.

In addition, approximately 95,600 gathered to chief of plastic bottle which started collection in last November in one year.
It becomes 119.5 when we convert this into polio vaccine.
Intention of each all of you produced so big result!
All of you who had you cooperate, thank you very much.
As this approach continues in after next year, please cooperate sequentially.

In thing called this! Thank you very much this year for one year, everyone.
I would like "Roppongi clean up" sequentially in 2011!

Next holding is Saturday, January 15.
We look forward to your participation!

Beauty seminar healthy on Wednesday, December 15 in 2010 in the third

We held healthy beauty "beauty seminar hosted by sectional meeting healthy in 2010 in the third".
This theme is "winter".

We had you talk about rice cake and Namasu as winter beauty health food from Mr. Jennie Ushiyama.
In New Year dishes that rice cake seems to be the most suitable food in cold season to warm body from core, and, also, Namasu has many stewed foods,
When we fix condition of the stomach and intestines and help with digestion, it seems to be indispensable from menu of New Year holidays.
Finally, we are introduced to "The Tale of Genji" or "Marie Antoinette" using video about old makeup and fashion for example,
We were entertained with cake and tea of Marie Antoinette favorite.

It was lecture of winter brushing method to prevent cuticle from aching from Mr. Ito about "winter hair care".
"Winter skin care" has you pack enzyme from Mr. Hyodo, Mr. Shimada secondary to the last time,
We had you tell care for dry skin method.

We had you have a talk to be helpful from all teachers very much in coming winter season and listened for emergency eagerly.

Next holding plans April.
Don't miss it!

Saturday, November 20 Roppongi cleanup

In comfortable weather, we carried out clean up this month.
It is 120 people to have participated. Always thank you for all of you!

Meanwhile, Toma of participation first as for what came in the first to come reception desk start ten minutes ago this time.
Spirit said that it was saying "we clean badly!" enough.

Photographer is subleader of four groups, Nakayama of Coca-Cola Customer Marketing this time.
He/she cleaned route toward the Azabu Juban area.
It was route where it was not a lot of garbage, how would always about this time such? ?

It is coffee time with all the participants by offer from Starbucks coffee after cleaning.
Coffee after having been tired is particular again! It was 1:00 of supreme bliss. Starbucks, thank you.

The number of plastic bottle caps which gathered this time is approximately 16,000.
It is always father and participating Taichi Kitamura to come out with cap!

Activity of this year is left another one time, too!
Person aiming at award for perfect attendance, please be careful not to catch cold.

The date in next month is Saturday, December 18.
We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, October 30 Happy! Halloween 2010

As for this year "Happy! Halloween 2010 was held.

Families whom we disguised ourselves as various in spite of unfortunate weather and students of Hollywood beauty technical school,
A large number of people were able to come to Roppongi Hills Arena.

Witch and magician, princess, angel, pirates, bee, a lot of disguise that made an elaborate plans including fellow bone appear this year.

Unfortunately, with typhoon approach, parade has been called off, but of taking a ceremonial photograph and cake on stage seize,
It was everybody fun by tricycles of Halloween park.
Brass band came up, too and distributed cake to passerby while parading in town and, in unexpected present, was state of everybody delight.

From Saturday, October 23 to 31st Sunday 23rd Tokyo international film festival

"The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival" was started on Saturday, October 23 for nine days on Sunday on 31st.

With opening events "green carpet on 23rd," the audience more than 3,000 flocked to roadside.

Unfortunately outdoor screening party planned on Saturday on 30th (all and committee sponsorship) was called off because of stormy weather,
Audience Prize award ceremony was held in Hills Café & space.
Prize winner "the key to Sarah."
Prize money 10,000 dollars was handed manager Jill package = blurring Nehru by Hara of our residents' association chairperson who was all and Chairperson at committee.

It is work called "grammar of the depths of my heart" that won wonderful Tokyo cherry tree Grand Prix in commendation ceremony on Sunday on 31st, the following day.
Ticket which was presented by everybody who participated in "all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" performed on Saturday, October 16,
It was appreciation ticket of this work accidentally. A lot of one looked at may come.
Unfortunately please be looking forward to one, right or wrong, the next year when you have misjudged this year.

Sunday, October 17 Minato-ku synthesis disaster prevention drill

"Minato-ku synthesis disaster prevention drill" carried out in Roppongi Junior High School participated.

We have you gather to members of residents' association in front of TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONNGI at 9:00 a.m.,
It is training start from movement to Roppongi Junior High School appointed in criticism place.

Each Azabu district town assembly where ladder car and ambulance, smoke house, fire extinguishers were displayed in school grounds of Roppongi Junior High School and gathered
We participated in each training.

Smoke house experience and fire-fighting drill, explanation of usage of destruction training, chain saw and rock drill of door boundary wall in porch of apartment,
Everybody participated in boarding experiences of ladder car eagerly.

Finally, we have pork miso soup and mixed rice which we made with distribution of boiled rice training deliciously and are finished.

Members of residents' association which had participate thank you.

All Saturday, October 16 Tokyo international film festivals and clean up

Ahead of the 23rd Tokyo international film festival to start on October 23, we pick up garbage around the Roppongi Hills becoming venue,
"All the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" were held to invite guest from home and abroad comfortably.
(sponsorship: all Tokyo international film festivals and committee)
It was holding in form that Motoki clean up participated in this on October 6 and cooperated.

On the day it is various places of 295 that Roku-Roku Plaza attracted.
Give to usual member, as for Chairman film festival Yoda, the Azabu chief constable, Azabu fire chief, the eminent members including Manager of neighborhood town assembly.

The total number of garbage which gathered by great cleaning that extended parting, area to ten groups 20 bags (90L).
Ticket of movie was presented to all the participants after cleaning and was pleased with everybody very much.

Public performance of film festival is Sunday for from Saturday, October 23 to 31st. With green carpet on 23rd as a start,
As various events is developed, all of you, please enjoy, too!

Next clean up is normal holding on Saturday, November 20.
We look forward to your participation!

Gathering, security parade of Friday, October 15 Azabu area security

Azabu police station, Azabu security "gathering, security parade of Azabu area security" hosted by association was performed.

In Part 1 ceremony held in Azabu inhabitant of a ward center after the beginning, greetings of the Azabu police station flat head,
It was said hello to Hara of Chairperson our residents' association which was association of Azabu crime prevention's chairperson.
In Part 2, it became everybody fun by "security comic chat" by Koenka Sannyutei teacher.

Part 3 is "security parade".
Security association and neighborhood town assembly, people of mall gather at intersection of 5, Roppongi approximately 200,
With cheering party and Metropolitan Police Department cavalry of Keio University, we marched at approximately 600m to Metro Hat.

"Counterterrorism demonstration due to guard dog" for APEC opened in Roku-Roku Plaza in Yokohama in November is performed after parade,
Training due to Metropolitan Police Department guard dog and demonstration of criminal arrest were observed a lot of people who were in parade participant and Roku-Roku Plaza.

Members of residents' association which had participate thank you. Thank you.

Beauty seminar healthy on Wednesday, September 29 in 2010 in the second

We held healthy beauty "beauty seminar hosted by sectional meeting healthy in 2010 in the second".
This theme is "autumn".

We were introduced to autumn fruit which raised immunity by Mr. Jennie Ushiyama and were entertained with Matcha lemon juice.
Dragon fruit and persimmon, chestnut, anything including gingko nut are high things of nutritive value, but overeating seems to be the opposite effect because it is good to body.
Everybody, please be careful.

About "autumn hair care skin care," physical contact was theme this time.
By lecture of Mr. Fujisaki, Mr. Yamaguchi, by two people become pair and massage scalp for hair care,
We had you tell massage of shoulder which could be relaxed and learned importance of planning communication by physical contact.
We had you tell massage method that used body oil of the hand from Mr. Hyodo, Mr. Shimada, Mr. Suzuki.
Key point in body concentrates on hand and seems to be effective in body by massaging.
Finally we had enzyme pack make and had you sense the restoration of youth of skin bodily.

It was various contents, but was concentrated on so as to be very earnest, everybody, and to forget Hours.

Next holding plans December.
Don't miss it!

Sunday, September 12, 26th Sunday miniature shrine meeting

There is togo of miniature shrine this year from 3 Shinto shrines of "the tenth Inari Shrine" "Motoazabu Hikawa Shrine" "Emperor's ancestors Shrine",
We invited eight engines in total, people of bearer hand of approximately 1,200.

Shrine miniature shrine of the tenth Inari Shinto shrine where only 3 once a year does getting out shrine as for having done togo before gate tower first on September 12.
We are surprised at this miniature shrine of 500 scales in all, size.
And in the afternoon 6 town assemblies consecutive Godo of Motoazabu Hikawa Shrine. It was very lively togo with six miniature shrines ranging.

We change place on 26th and meet in before Metro Hat.
Autumn became cheerful at a stretch; it is miniature shrine of Emperor's ancestors Shrine to have made togo on that day.
Even abhorrentness was climate to feel, but we carried on our shoulder, and everybodies of the hand overflowed in vigor and were togo of force perfect score.

1,500 as for the rice ball which we prepared in our residents' association on having miniature shrine this time in total!
In Other, we offered deep-fried chicken and steamed bun, drink, but anything is very popular.
We carried on our shoulder and might become vitality of everybody of the hand.

All of you who had you help person sent to meet, thank you.

Saturday, September 18 Roppongi cleanup

On September 18 when severe summer heat finally calmed down, we were right active under the sky in autumn of clean up weather.

Camera adheres to two groups this time.
People living in UNITED ARROWS, Hollywood company, residence where member holds store in Hills,
Blue man Japan of neighborhood.

Small child is same, too, "person ~ of burning garbage!" While calling out to each other with "person ... of can,"
In harmonious atmosphere, we picked up garbage in the way that everybody was fun.

After all it is hot even if we say that intense heat calmed down when we walk while cleaning!
Waiting at a stoplight is scramble of the shade (laugh)

It is Koyama of Altair which participated in two groups to have taken care of photographer this time! (thank you.)

The date in next month is Saturday, October 16.
In form to participate in all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up become held.
(the details are going to improve on our homepage top.)

We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, August 21 Roppongi cleanup

Holding of August is the middle day of Roppongi Hills Bon festival dance.
Relatively made cool air, and, in intense heat of day after day, there was enjoying, but still in a little less than 30 degrees heat became held.
We said during period in summer vacation, or participant was rather slightly less 102 people.

We have you participate in members of many dormitories including the head, the vice-head in Roppongi clean up every time from Azabu police station,
Police officer who wore uniform in Other deals with guard so that everybody is active safely.
At busy time during Azabu Juban enjoying the cool breeze Festival, Roppongi Hills Bon festival dance period, thank you very much.

The number of plastic bottle caps which gathered this time is approximately 8,000. It becomes approximately 68,000 for past total!

The date in next month is Saturday, September 18.
We look forward to your participation!

Friday, August 20 opera Roppongi comfort

"Opera Roppongi comfort" was carried out this year on Friday, August 20 of the Bon festival dance eve.

We give to 46 dancers of "turn comfort" who repeated exercises from Thursday, July 15 approximately one month ago,
On the day 58 people who included "*jo" "takarasan" "child taking part in a festive procession" participate from Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association.
Blessed with weather, came over to arena which became venue toward many audiences.

If, as for the tense participants, dance begins at the time of entrance from Mohri Garden to arena; literally "pulse".
Finally, anyone of participant became splendid performance reached with smile.

Thank you very much,, who had you cooperate in one that had you participate, one that you saw in venue, various scenes.
We will wait for person to want to participate by all means next year next year!

From Friday, August 20 to 22nd Sunday Roppongi Hills Bon festival dance 2010

We shared "Azabu Juban enjoying the cool breeze Festival" and day, and "Roppongi Hills Bon festival dance 2010" was carried out this year.

The eve had many visitors enjoy "opera, Roppongi comfort" coolly unexpectedly on Friday while intense heat continued.
It is possible for big thick ring on Saturday so that average year does not have by Bon festival dance carried out on Sunday, as for gourmet stand and Mini Live Show, the dance of Ryukyu drum,
From child to the elderly, it was three days when you were able to enjoy to many people.

All of you who had you help, thank you very much.

Thursday, August 12 Roppongi easy "turn comfort" exercise meeting report 3

We moved venue to gymnasium of Roppongi High School and performed exercise party of Roppongi easy "turn comfort" of fourth, five times.

We refrained from public performances close, and expression of participant became more and more earnest, too.
We repeat voluntary kneading on fire for break between exercises and raise completeness surely.
On the other hand, as for people who are busy for large gymnasium happily in excitement.

In the fourth exercise society, we performed exercise of dressing and musical instrument of clothes.
And, in the fifth exercise society, sorting order of public performance is announced at last!
We make use of area of gymnasium, and exercise being aware of public performance starts, too.

The next time, last exercise society from Wednesday, August 18 18:30 in Roppongi Hills Arena.
And public performance is from 18:30 on Friday, August 20.

Please come for support!

Tuesday, August 3 Bon festival dance exercise society

On August 21, we held exercise party of Bon festival dance ahead of Bon festival dance holding on 22nd.

Just performed officer reelection in June, and there is much first because do not carry out exercise party last year; ...
If, in this, holding was decided in summer festival executive committee, but empty cover, approximately 15 participants.
It became slightly desolate exercise meeting.

What practiced this time Bon festival dance "Ropponjin ondo("Roppongi folk dance")" of Roppongi Hills original and "dance anything, gong Doraemon leading."

We practice exercise video in copybook for approximately one hour, and everybody "Ropponjin ondo("Roppongi folk dance")" is mastered somehow.
One of "Doraemon leading" is fun of ... public performance.

Bon festival dance public performance is Sunday for Saturday, August 21, 22 days.
We look forward to your participation.

Tai chi chuan morning for from Monday, August 2 to 15th on Sunday

"Morning Tai chi chuan" began on August 2 this year.
Since Roppongi Hills opening, "morning Tai chi chuan" to be the eighth year in this year asks instruction of due north aged bonze this year.
We had you participate in various places of approximately 480 from the first day this year though it was weekday Monday start.

Morning arena becomes light, and comfortable wind blows, and a lot of participates every morning.

All of participation having you cooperate, everybody, thank you early in the morning every day.
We were over planned half, but a lot of award for perfect attendance comes, too.
Is it not about time when we were finally getting used to early rising of every morning?
Let's do our best daylong until August 15.

Thursday, July 29 Roppongi easy "turn comfort" exercise meeting report 2

We performed three times of second Roppongi easy "turn comfort" exercise meetings.

Roppongi comfort starts this year; and concerning the fifth anniversary after the second exercise society from teachers celebration cake of surprise!

And social gathering is held in the third exercise society, too.
We deepened the friendship between participants and, toward public performance, raised unity power more.
Theme "of" this year of annual is announced than teacher here.
Theme of this year "becomes younger"!

One way of movement of foot, movement of the hand is finished so far in three times of exercises society.
Exercise venue moves to gymnasium of Roppongi High School for movement reflecting the image of venue from August 5 on the next time.
It was under one month until public performance, and tension of participant gradually increased, too.
It is attention where it is become younger by intense dance according to the appearance to!

Public performance is ... at 18:30 on Friday, August 20.
In everybody, venue please support.

Saturday, July 17 Roppongi cleanup

Degree clean up was held in July when it became two months since then.
Passing of the rainy season of the Kanto district was announced; it is various places of 118 that gathered in heat more than temperature 30 degrees on that day.

He/she picked up garbage happily while wiping everybody sweat.
Cold tea after the end was the best!

The number of caps which are referable, and gathered this time that the last month was rainout is approximately 12,000. It becomes approximately 60,000 for past total.
When exchanging this to money, we are equivalent to expense for approximately 107 polio vaccine.

Thank you very much for participation all of you who had you cooperate!

Recycling center is great congestion even if we make this if there is much number of people (laugh)

The date in next month is Saturday, August 21.
We look forward to your participation!

Thursday, July 15 Roppongi easy "turn comfort" exercise meeting report 1

Exercise society of Roppongi easy "turn comfort" finally started this year!
"Opera Roppongi comfort" that the fifth becomes held at this time.
Other than person who lived to Hills, person who worked, of the total number 51 gathered from school or Store Association of neighborhood this year.

In the first exercise society, we practice movement of foot.
After preparing enough, and having done gymnastics, put together to mouth drum of "dontsukotsukotsukodontsukodon!" and and we repeat slowly and practice,
We gradually hammer in movement into body.
In spite of the first time, expression of everybody is genuine sword itself. We will look forward to public performance now.

Public performance is Friday, August 20.
Please come to venue for support, everybody!

We distribute Aum Shinrikyo support for crime victims campaign flyer on Saturday, June 19 and are active and participate

We participated in flyer distribution activity of "Aum Shinrikyo support for crime victims campaign" by the Metropolitan Police Department.

In spite of the morning on Saturday, it is various places of 14 to have gathered from our residents' association.
10 several people participate including the flat head from the Azabu Police and distribute flyer in front of subway Roppongi Station wicket.
We publicized campaign.

All of you who had cooperate thank you!

Beauty seminar holding healthy on Tuesday, June 8 in 2010 in the first

We held healthy beauty "beauty seminar hosted by sectional meeting healthy in 2010 in the first".

We are introduced to summer fruit working for heart and body by Mr. Jennie Ushiyama,
In addition, we had good "juice of watermelon and grape" in this season.
Moisture of nature is fully included in watermelon and provides diuresis, and grape seems to have an effect for recovery of physical strength.

Method to prevent aging and ultraviolet ray of skin by ultraviolet ray from Mr. Araki about "summer skin care,"
About actions to be taken after having taken had to talk, and told at key point that made the blood circulation better, and promoted metabolism.
It seems to be pot having an effect on person worried about slack and fine wrinkles of eye.

About "summer hair care" from Mr. Fujisaki of how to choose influence and shampoo and conditioners of ultraviolet ray had talk.

From all teachers, we have you have a very helpful talk from now on over summer,
Participants listened very eagerly.

Next holding plans September.
Don't miss it!

Saturday, May 15 Roppongi cleanup

Unfortunately we have called off rainy weather in ko April.
Consecutive held records that lasted 18 months stop here.

With clean up of held this month having gather toward 115 people under the refreshing weather of May sunshine heart newly; became held.
It is the ARATA year, and person who participated for the first time thinks that there was many probably because it was the first activity.
One hatoiuto of cap, number that brought to fill the everybody big bag because it became collection for the first time in three months, and gathered, approximately 20,000!
Talk about "Drop by drop the tub is filled".

The date in next month is Saturday, June 19.
We look forward to your participation!

Meeting X Roppongi clean up Art Night special 2010 to clean Roppongi on Sunday, March 28

With "Roppongi Art Night 2010" holding that clean up of March becomes second in this year,
Secondary to last year, it was holding by tie-up that we did not meet to clean Roppongi.
It is 165 thing people to have gathered in Tokyo midtown on the morning of Sunday.
There might be person who participated after we enjoyed Art Night in all night among them?

Minakawa, chairperson of meeting to clean in the beginning, original self-government chairperson from Roppongi clean up,
And after the flat head of the Azabu police which had you participate this time gave greetings to,
We flocked to each group, town of Roppongi where lingering sound of Art Night was still left.
Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph with art work "biforehand flower" of Noboru Tsubaki and clean and are finished.

All of meetings cleaning Roppongi who had you participate,
Art Night members of the executive committee, all of Roppongi clean up, thank you!

It is normal holding on Saturday, April 17 on the next time.
We look forward to your participation!

From Friday, March 26 to 28th Sunday Roppongi Hills spring festival holding

When cherry tree reached in full bloom this year on the last weekend in March, we almost made time the same, and "Roppongi Hills spring festival" was performed.
While, on the first day, on the last day, cold remains; became held, but a large number of customers came and was enjoyed while enjoying annual opening garden (rooftop garden), cherry tree including various performances including gourmet stand.
Stand which let we have holding on the same day of "Roppongi Art Night 2010" on Saturday on 27th and open until 22:00 is large bustle to the very end!
Long line was made to game stand which opened a store in our residents' association member of the executive committee members.

All of you who had you help for three days, thank you very much.

Gathering holding of Wednesday, March 17 road safety

Prior to national Traffic Safety Campaign of the spring of 2010 "gathering of road safety" by association of Azabu road safety sponsorship,
It was held in Roppongi Hills Arena.
After having opened by performance of brass band of Minamiyama Elementary School gorgeously, nearly 500 all which gathered in live with enka ballad singer jello appearing, road safety talk show and various contents were enjoyed till the last.

Gathering holding of Wednesday, March 17 road safety

Prior to national Traffic Safety Campaign of the spring of 2010 "gathering of road safety" by association of Azabu road safety sponsorship,
It was held in Roppongi Hills Arena.
With live with enka ballad singer jello appearing after having opened by performance of brass band of Minamiyama Elementary School gorgeously, road safety talk show
In various contents, everybody nearly 500 who gathered was enjoyed till the last.

Beauty seminar holding healthy on Tuesday, March 2 on the third

We held healthy beauty "the third health beauty seminar" hosted by sectional meeting.
This theme "spring."

We were introduced to dishes using expensive food of detox effect by Mr. Jennie Ushiyama and were introduced to recommended pomegranate juice again in spring.
Ingredient making balance of female sex hormone better is included in pomegranate,
It seems to be very good for skin! That there is a similar effect in cranberry. Please try everybody.

And after having had you tell about coping method of trouble of skin including stain, fine wrinkles that had request from participant from Mr. Ito,
About right face-wash method, you told including practice.
Point when wash the face "bubble." Good foaming one with participants using net was practiced happily.

After having had you review the last time from Mr. Namba in charge of hair, about hairstyle which matched oneself, you told this including practice, too.
It is thing which can change the image by slight technique!

Next time holding is plan of about June.
All of you in fun!

Saturday, February 20 Roppongi cleanup

Of cold as for the clean up of this month same as before with having done while is severe, but 120 gathering under the fine weather in winter; became held.
Child who came back from cleaning "see! , picked up; as for, as for what said, glass marble with soil passes that is.
He/she said, "we make this, treasure!" joyfully.
Is this one reuse, too? ? ?
If throw away; garbage. On the other hand, ... that there is person valuing it.
Method to utilize disused thing well may be unexpectedly imminent.

Cap of plastic bottle which we were able to collect this time is approximately 8,000.

Next holding is Sunday, March 28. It becomes after Roppongi Art Night.
Of everybody, mistake please be careful that there is not! (the details are going to improve later in the homepage.)

Wednesday, February 3 bean-scattering ceremony society holding

Day of Setsubun "ogre is ... outside! As for, fortune, ... and shout of children sounded through arena.
We had bean-scattering ceremony society of this year when we gathered in Break room for parents and children and were performed participate in of 84 sets led by small child families of people who got on baby car.
As for the child bursting into tears on seeing ogre of costume among them (laugh).
With everybody who participated, much happy ga should be visited in Roppongi Hills.

Beauty seminar holding healthy on Thursday, January 21 on the second

We held healthy beauty "the second health beauty seminar" hosted by sectional meeting.
This theme "winter."
We crossed for one and a half hours including care method of seasonal dishes which you should take in in this season and winter skin, hair care method and had teachers including Principal Jennie Ushiyama of Hollywood beauty technical school tell.
We experience refresh massage and pack method of eye while drinking seasonal juice "pineapple juice" in seminar.
21 everybodies including participation from commercial store were asked about story with earnest look from beginning to end.
We are going to hold spring on the next time. Don't miss it!

Prevention of Wednesday, January 20 Minato-ku drug abuse campaign is held

For town planning that was security/safety without drug, "prevention of Minato-ku drug abuse campaign" of sponsorship was held Minato-ku or Azabu police station on Wednesday, January 20. Contents are two copies of constitution of meeting and parade. Member of more than 20 residents' association participates, in parade "NO! We appealed for DRUG MINATO.

Tuesday, January 19 Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2010 ARATA annual convention holding

ARATA annual convention that members of residents' association exchange greetings of the New Year. While look at night view with Academy Hills 40; is lively; became held.
Several eating and drinking stores in Hills present booth as new plan this year. This is very popular with participants!
So that, in lottery that we aim at more attractive premium, large serving goes up venue. It became start in the New Year of residents' association filled with smile and the laughter.
Everybody who had you cooperate on holding, thank you!

Saturday, January 16 Roppongi cleanup

Clean up of 2010 became the beginning in severe cold.
Receptionist is moved in place where does not get wind by excessive cold, too...
Meanwhile, one that had participate to 100 people! Coffee of Starbucks after the end was really delicious.
All of you who participated thank you.

In addition, the number of caps which we were able to collect this time is approximately 3,500. It becomes 4.3 when we convert into expense of polio vaccine.
I would like cooperation sequentially.

Friday, January 15 Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training is held

Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training of annual.
Approximately 500 residents and store staff, nuclear site, office workers out of TV Asahi and all of neighborhood town assemblies participated and were held while cold wind raged.
Training contents are ten kinds including operation, vibromotive car and smoke experience house of fire extinguisher and AED.
Earthquake in Haiti had been generated a few days ago, and expression of participants was genuine sword itself.