Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association

In this section we will introduce the Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association, which positions safety, security, community, and contributing to the region as the pillars of its activities.

Purpose of establishment

The Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association was established to help create a safe, secure and pleasant city. It promotes such activities as a monthly voluntary “Roppongi Clean-up,” holding a spring festival, a traditional Bon Dance (Bon Odori) event, and earthquake disaster drills. Through the Association, Roppongi Hills residents also work to promote the development of a thriving community with international cultural qualities by forming ties with nearby neighborhood or block associations.

The 3 pillars of the Neighborhood Association

The 3 pillars of the Neighborhood Association’s activities are activities for promoting safety and security, community activities, and activities that contribute to the region. The main purposes of the Neighborhood Association are to be prepared for emergencies, build a tightly knit, safe, and secure community, and to contribute to revitalizing the Azabu-Roppongi area, which includes Roppongi Hills. Support for these activities comes from the participation of each and every member of the Neighborhood Association.

Security, reliable activity

Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training

  • We repeat training that prepared for March at the time of disaster every year towards "town to be able to escape" into.

Local contribution activity

Roppongi clean up

  • Eco-activity to perform although being a pleasure. Interchange is attractive one, too.

Community activity

Through the year, we develop various activities.

  • January ARATA annual convention
  • We worship in spring in April
  • August Tai chi chuan Bon festival dance
  • September miniature shrine meeting
  • October Tokyo international film festival Halloween


Name Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association
Chairperson tani*binin
The establishment date May 24, 2004

The Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association secretariat

Address: 6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku

Tel: 03-6406-6383

Organization, officer

Organization constitution


Chairperson tani*binin
Vice-chairperson Hiroshi Mori life, nakakohakurin, Gentaro Ishii, Eiichi Suzuki
Manager of public relations section Eiichi Suzuki (vice-chairperson and additional post)
Manager of environmental beautification section Katsu Hara
General affairs Welfare Department's chairperson Naoto Ushiyama
Manager of road safety section nakakohakurin (vice-chairperson and additional post)
Manager of health, beauty section sanchusagahirome
Manager of crime prevention, disaster prevention section Katsumi Fukui
Manager of community section Ito Kasuga


Makoto Ishida
Jiro Kiuchi

[Special Counsel]


Member constitution

To live in Roppongi Hills, facility employee in Roppongi Hills, store employee, office worker