Roppongi clean up 2014

Saturday, December 20 Roppongi clean up holding

Unfortunately the last activity calls off rainy weather (because forecast) in 2014,
It became conduct only for annual social gathering.

With friend who appreciates all of you who had you participate for one year, and is usually doing clean up together again,
This social gathering that we carry out in thought to want you to deepen the friendship slowly every year.
After all main event is announcement of award for perfect attendance.
It is for one of 13 and presents orijinarupimbajji this year.
And testimonial was conferred on Soeno who became the tenth perfect attendance.
All of you attended regularly really thank you. And thank you this year for one year.

Roppongi clean up will be active happily and safely next year.
We look forward to participation of many of you sequentially.

Next time holding: Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, November 15 Roppongi clean up holding

We held clean up of November.
It was the first cold this year; it is various places of 168 that gathered on that day.
It is usually record high for the number of the participants at the time of holding!

When become this number of people, it is leader of each group subleader to be serious.
We come back by Hours properly to recycling center while ensuring the security of participant everybody...
Despite volunteer, we take care of exectives willingly every time.
Leader subleaders, always thank you!

By the way, it will be early next month, and becomes the last activity in year.
After cleaning, we are going to hold social gathering that became annual.
So that as we perform commendation of one who has never missed a day, perfect attendance does not attract a cold until now,
And please be careful on the day not to oversleep enough!
We look forward to your participation.

Next time holding: Saturday, December 20

All Saturday, October 18 Tokyo international film festivals and clean up holding

Ahead of holding of "the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival" to start on Thursday, October 23,
We clean town of Roppongi becoming venue, and let's invite guest comfortably! The cause of purpose called this,
"All the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" (sponsorship: all Tokyo international film festivals and committee) were held this year.

We give to usual member in this clean up every time,
He/she participates from residents' association, town assembly, Store Association of neighborhood,
We had you participate in record-high one of 391 this year.

Without worry of typhoon that was in succession when October began, and it was the weekend,
By comfortable weather became held.
Quantity of garbage which gathered by cleaning of approximately one hour for 21 bags of 90 liters of garbage bags.
Everybody who had you participate, thank you.

As for the next time cleanup, normal Saturday, November 15; become held.
We look forward to your participation.

Saturday, September 20 Roppongi clean up holding

It came to seem to be autumn suddenly.
Slightly chilly cloudy all over Japan (we said or fell lightly first) where it seems to begin to rain at any moment,
We held clean up of September.
Weather that clean up of September often sweats in average year, but is unusually chilly this year. One which is serious when it can happen
Starbucks having you provide coffee after every time.
On cold day HOT. We have you offer iced coffee on hot day...
It was HOT today! "As is expected,." it was administration member who talked (laugh)
145 participants. Thank you, all of you.

In form that the next moon, activity of October participate in "all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" and cooperate become held.
Saturday, October 18 10:00 ... (9:30 acceptance start), start are always the same Roku-Roku Plaza. Please be careful not to make any mistake.
We look forward to your participation.

Saturday, August 16 Roppongi clean up holding

Bon vacation August degree cleanup that became held right in the middle. We did while it was very hot, but one of 131 gathered.
Say during period in summer vacation, or a lot of participation in families in when increased, and it was lively clean up.
(w where, as for the reception desk staff, the average age strongly became younger)
All of you who had you participate, thank you!

It will be holding on Saturday, September 20 next month.
We look forward to your participation.

Saturday, July 19 Roppongi clean up holding

While, as for the clean up of July, gentle rain just before passing of the rainy season falls off and on; have become held.
In spite of such weather, it is 142 people to have gathered. (thank you in all of you rain!)

New member joined Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association environment beautification sectional meeting that ran clean up from this month.
(photograph is not all members.)
We power up more, and thanks in advance for your help as we will support all of you!

The next time is Saturday, August 16.
We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, June 21 Roppongi clean up holding

We held clean up of June while we felt humidity in sunny interval of the rainy season.
In fact, it is three years since being able to hold in June last. After all rainy weather rate of discontinuation seems to be high at time of the rainy season, ...

More with a great deal of participation for the first time this time, the number of the participants is 165 people.
It was after a long absence and, more than 160, usually became record-high tie record at the time of holding!
Thank you for your all of you participation.

Next time cleanup is normal holding on Saturday, July 19!
It was finally hot season. On participation, come to all possible measures by heat stroke measures.
We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, May 17 Roppongi clean up holding

It was season when the fresh green was beautiful. Are you getting along whether you will not consider?

By the way, in lower (while blow a gale, and is stormy) of blue sky which clean up of May was comfortable, and was clear became held!
It is various places of 139 to have gathered this time. It was all of you fatigue state.

And member who is new to accept from today!
It was place where we wanted to say this, but, in fact, asked one where you came to early for help without enough hands of administration member in a hurry.
(Otsu, Ishii, Koyama, thank you very much!)

Next time cleanup is usually held on Saturday, June 21!
We look forward to your participation!

Meeting X Roppongi clean up Art Night special 2014 holding to clean Roppongi on Sunday, April 20

Clean up of April will clean town after "Roppongi Art Night 2014" carried out for from 19 to 20 on April!
It was held by collaboration that we did not meet to clean Roppongi in purpose called this.

In weather that April is chilly though it is the middle, it is various places of 170 that gathered in Tokyo midtown becoming start point.
We enlarged area more than usual and, concerning special version, carried out cleaning this time.
We think whether person who had you participate after having enjoyed Art Night came by all night,
All of you really thank you!

We leave Tokyo midtown and see art work displayed on the way in downtown returning to Roppongi Hills and,
Way of enjoying unusual clean up might make cherry blossoms in full bloom into in spite of being pleasure.

All of you who had you participate, thank you.

We are going to usually hold next month on Saturday, April 20.
We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, March 15 Roppongi clean up holding

Unfortunately, in February, is called off for heavy snow, clean up for the first time in two months.
While though is another middle of March, is cold for emergency to rage of strong wind; became held.
It is 126 people to have had you participate. All of you really thank you!

Shooting crew for DVD of the tenth anniversary of the Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association goes together this time, too,
Seriously (?) And we photograph everybody cleaned happily.
We look forward to completion of DVD!

In becoming held that we will make "Roppongi Art Night 2014" (from 19 to 20 on April holding) and collaboration next month
It is Sunday, April 20 10:00 ... (9:30 acceptance start) Tokyo midtown meeting.
(please confirm Roppongi clean up HP in detail.)

We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, January 18 Roppongi clean up holding

A Happy New Year.

Under the clear wintry sky of air which seems to be temperature 2 degrees ... winter as for the 2014's first Roppongi clean up became held.
140 participants.
We worked on the first cleaning this year while exchanging greetings of the New Year. How many people will become award for perfect attendance from this this year; ...?
We would like everybody this year for one year.

It is holding on Saturday, February 15 on the next time.
We look forward to your participation!