Roppongi clean up 2011

Saturday, December 17 Roppongi cleanup

We held the last clean up in 2011.
We called off rainy weather for 2 consecutive months with October, November, but are clear finally. Crowning beauty (?) We were able to give glory to this.
165 participants! It is update in the best record again.

To all of you who participated this time for one year concerning the last in year with feeling of thanks and appreciation,
We held small social gathering.
In announcement of award for perfect attendance of annual, one of 14 wins this year. We feel that head really falls down.

We held all ten times, and Roppongi clean up of 2011 had you participate in of a total of approximately 1,400.
In addition, collection of cap of plastic bottle was able to collect approximately 100,000 in one year, too. (for 125 polio vaccine)
Your cooperation, thank you very much.

As clean up wants to do town of Roppongi happily safely in 2012, thanks in advance for your help!

We had you participate in Roppongi clean up for one year, and thank you very much this year.
We will look forward to your participation next year.

Next clean up is usually held on Saturday, January 21.
We look forward to your participation.

All Saturday, October 15 Tokyo international film festivals and clean up

Ahead of the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival holding, "all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" were held.
We carry out Motoki clean up in form to participate in this activity every year on October 6.

But, it is ...
On the day it rains and stops and. Furthermore, rough weather as wind is strong, and there is influence in means of transportation.
In consideration of security of all of you who were annoyed by judgment of conduct until just before the start, but have you participate,
Unfortunately only for ceremony became held.

In spite of such weather, it is various places of 331 to have gathered.
Give to usual clean up member, as for neighborhood town assembly, mall, each administration, the staff of film festival,
It became the number of the best participants since film festival clean up began.
All of you who came in rain, thank you very much.

By ceremony, there are all the original film festivals and Chairperson at committee, Mayor of Takei Minato-ku, greetings from Chairman Yoda,
In addition, as for the present of movie ticket seen than film festival to everybody who had you gather with much effort during period.

Clean up has been called off, but public performance of film festival is from Saturday, October 22.
You look at many movies at this opportunity, and please enjoy autumn of culture, art!

Next clean up is usually held on Saturday, November 19.
We look forward to your participation.

Saturday, September 17 Roppongi cleanup

We did in weather that was not stable, but were able to hold clean up safely somehow this month.
Cleaning of the inside that was hot and humid, everyone, of 148 people who had you participate, thank you.

Approximately 6,000 caps of plastic bottle which gathered this month. For total after we start in November, 2009, it becomes approximately 220,000.
When exchanging this to expense of polio vaccine, it becomes approximately 275!
"Drop by drop the tub is filled." Thank you for your all of you, cooperation.

We will be absent from collection of cap next month as it becomes "all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up,"
Thanks in advance for your help!

In thing called this, next holding is ... (9:30 acceptance start) at 10:00 on Saturday, October 15.
As stated above, in form to participate in "all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" as become held, and held Hours is different from usual,
Please be careful not to make any mistake.

We look forward to your participation.

Saturday, August 20 Roppongi cleanup

In the looks of the sky that it can begin to rain as for the clean up of August dimly in cloudy sky, when became held.
It was temperature that even abhorrentness felt thanks to rain on the day before, but might be just right to do clean up.

This 131 participants.
Because it was Bon vacation period, we thought to be rather less kana ... this month, but became the number of people more than the last month.
Thank you very much, everybody!

Photograph is activity scenery of four groups. It is Ezoe of Mori Building to have photographed.
There seemed to be many women in group on this month 4 (not with the skill). We feel bloom in cleaning scenery (laugh)

Next holding is Saturday, September 17.
We look forward to your participation.

Saturday, July 16 Roppongi cleanup

Saturday, July 16 weather fine weather temperature 34 degrees.
Clean up of this month right in weather called "summer!" became held.

In spite of this heat, it is various places of 116 to have gathered.
In cleaning, the truth that are hot, everyone, that had participate thank you.
Iced coffee & ice tea of Starbucks after the end was particular as much as we did our best!

Cap of plastic bottle which gathered this time is approximately 8,000.
It is quantity that we can change for polio vaccine for approximately ten. (I am sorry that there is not photograph.)
Sequentially of all of you please cooperate.

Next holding is Saturday, August 20. As is going to hold "Roppongi Hills Bon festival dance" at night on that day, in fun!

Then hot day continues. Please take care of yourself everybody!

Saturday, June 18 Roppongi cleanup

Today's 157 participants! It is record update after a long absence!
It was a little more a lot at the time of application, but on the day taking a rest comes; ...
It did not become great record. Weather was bimyo; is referable.
Still it must be record update. Participation of many of you, thank you very much.

By the way, a lot of first participation came today.
Meanwhile, group dressed in T-shirt pretty! It is all of team Google.
He/she wore T-shirt of company which was full of variations in everybodies. Each wearing is very wonderful.

And having photographed cleaning scenery this time subleader of two groups,
Ishiguro of Coca-Cola East Japan chain store sales. (thank you!)

Yesterday had been rainy, and there seemed to be much garbage of umbrella today.
Because "it was after a long absence, and there was much garbage, we were happy to pick up!" We heard impression how, too.

Recycling center is great congestion even if we make this if there is much number of people (laugh)

Next holding is usually held on Saturday, July 16.
We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, May 21 Roppongi cleanup

As for this, it is May sunshine! Weather called this. It was season to finally sweat.
This 148 participants. Regrettably most record update one step this side! It was place called this.

A lot of one this time first secondary to last month and good old members in when atmosphere that increase, and is harmonious.
(half class reunion feeling!)
We are glad that friends increase in this way.

It is subleader of four groups, Toma of Mori Building to have taken photograph this time. (thank you!)
He/she cleaned the Azabu Juban area.

In this Roppongi clean up, scene which participation of foreign one increases recently in any people regardless of age or sex, watches of the night, and English flies about here and there.
While the administration staff struggles desperately with new English conversation, we make full use of gesture and do our best (wry smile)
Still through generation gap, the language barrier,
We want to plan communication with everybody well!

Approximately 10,000 caps which gathered this time.
Your cooperation, next holding are usually held on Saturday, June 18.
We look forward to next participation.

Saturday, April 16 Roppongi cleanup

In springlike comfortable climate, we held degree clean up in April.
With many first participation and good old members this time, participant is 142 people in total! 140 Nagoshi edesu after a long absence.

While there is incident that rose sprinkles chief whom we gathered with much effort after everybody started on cleaning...
Smile is not worthy happily this time either; became held.

Temperature, as is expected, to sweat when we clean while walking for one hour.
"Coffee to love" (ice) after the end was very delicious.
Starbucks, always thank you!

Chief gathered this time is approximately 12,000.
(when we convert into expense of polio vaccine for approximately 15.)
As collection of cap will go sequentially in 2011,
We would like your cooperation.

Next holding is usually held on Saturday, May 21.
We look forward to your participation.

Sunday, March 27 Roppongi cleanup

We give to people suffered from by major earthquake generated on March 11 heartily.

Today's clean up changed original plan (Art Night special) and held in normal form.
It is various places of 125 to have gathered.
Cold cleaning really thank you!
(cap of plastic bottle which we collected this time was approximately 12,000.)

And we collected relief supplies to send to donation and stricken area of contribution this time at reception desk.
We had many of you cooperate, and really many contributions and supplies gathered.

All of you who cooperated, thank you.

  • We report the details separately on our homepage.

Holding of next month is usually held on Saturday, April 16.
We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, February 19 Roppongi cleanup

"Severe cold." Clean up of this month is simply word, too; became held.
The disposal to change reception desk place to excessive cold, and to exceed wind.
Meanwhile, we had you participate in one of 108, and all the administration staff have been moved.

By the way, Nakao of Starbucks coffee that it participated in five groups to have taken photograph this time.
And group photo (the right) is article which we photographed before departure last month. (in response to request from some...)

Clean up which is cold, everyone, really thank you.

As it will become "meeting X Roppongi clean up Art Night special 2011 to clean Roppongi" next month,
It is ... (9:30 acceptance start) at 10:00 on Sunday, March 27.
As it becomes Tokyo midtown meeting, please be careful not to make any mistake.
(we show around the details later on our homepage.)

We look forward to your participation!

Saturday, January 15 Roppongi cleanup

Everyone, A Happy New Year!

The first clean up became start in severe cold of temperature 2 degrees in 2011.
Participant is 125 people in total. We would like all of you, this year!

It is Saito of blue man Japan to have taken care of photographer this time.
We photographed cleaning scenery of two groups.
Still, everybody seems to be cold...

After the end, sutabakkusukohi gave present of roasted tea tea latte and coffee to.
Hot drink after cleaning in severe cold is really happy!
Starbucks, always thank you.

The date in next month is Saturday, February 19.
We look forward to your participation!