Roppongi clean up 2009

We held clean up on Saturday, December 19!

We held the last clean up in 2009.
On the day that was piercing cold of temperature 4 degrees, but have participate in one of 141; became held. Meanwhile, we discover wonderful clean up card at reception desk! It is Starbucks and collaboration card of clean up! It was moment heartwarming a little.
When approximately 10,000 gather how only this time, and convert cap collection of plastic bottle which started from last month into expense of polio vaccine, for 12.5. It is ... that is wonderful that we can help person in everyday slight intention. All of you who had you cooperate, thank you.
At social gathering held after cleaning, we announce award for perfect attendance that became annual in harmonious atmosphere. Prize winner of this year was nine people. We think that receiving a prize in rainout 0 times "is really splendid splendid achievement for clean up history first" one year.
For all of you one year of this year really thank you! !And will thanks in advance for your help next year.

We held Roppongi clean up on Saturday, November 21!

114 participants of this month! We said the first day of three rests, or itsumoni was the number of the rather slightly less participants when we compared.
And cap collection of plastic bottle which started from this month. In the memorable first time, approximately 2,800 gathered how, too! This is equivalent to 3.5 vaccine. As you collect sequentially after the next month, bring cap which appeared in home and the workplace without throwing away!

All Saturday, October 10 Tokyo international film festivals and clean up holding

On last Saturday, October 10, "all the Tokyo International Film Festival and clean up" were held. Blessed with weather, Chairman Yoda and Mayor of film festival of Takei Minato-ku rushed, and it was general cleaning with of 320 in all participating this year. Quantity of garbage which gathered approximately 19 bags (90 liters). To quantity of garbage decreasing year by year, we feel surge of consciousness for environmental beautification of local people.