Please inform below of inquiry about month-to-month parking.

Parking by the hour


Q.Are there parking facilities that accept larger vehicles?
A. Please use the P2 self-drive parking facility (height limit 2.2 m) or the P10 self-drive parking facility (height limit 2.3 m).
Q.Are there parking facilities with different fees and services?
A. The P3 parking facility (Grand Hyatt Tokyo) is ¥200 for every 10 minutes.
Q.How can I bring luggage or packages into the facilities?
A.Please ask at the front desk of the Logistics Center for information about bringing luggage and packages. (Tel: 03-6406-6688)


Q.What is the fee system for all-day fees?
A.The all-day fee (up to 24 hours) at Roppongi Hills parking facilities is the same as the 5-hour parking fee for each facility. (¥3,000 for up to 24 hours)
Parking fees are automatically calculated by the exit fare machine, so there is no need to purchase tickets ahead of time. But Fees (\300/30 minutes.) is usually added to share in overtime when over 24 hours, and 3,000- yen is repeated every 24 hours.
Q.Will the parking fee change if I insert a discount service ticket?
A.Discount parking fees at all Roppongi Hills parking facilities are calculated according to hourly discounts. For example, if you park for 7 hours, and you have a 4-hour discount for free parking, you will be charged as follows: 7 hours parking time - 4 hours discount time = 3 hours remaining parking time, so you will be charged for the remaining 3 hours.
Since the discount time system calculates parking fees by deducting the discount time from the facility entry time, if the discount time that is deducted exceeds 5 hours, it will fall within the “over 5 hours = within 24 hours” fee structure, so there is no difference in the fee even if you use the discounted free time. We appreciate your understanding.
Q.Can I purchase a book of parking tickets or discount tickets?
A.Books of parking tickets are typically not available at Roppongi Hills.


Q.Can I borrow a wheel chair?
A.Wheelchairs for are available for users of Roppongi Hills to rent at the P1, P5, and P9 parking facilities and at the Information desk. If you wish to use this service, ask at the P1, P5, or P9 parking facilities, or at the Information desk.
For more details, it is Facilities and servicesPlease see this.

Month-to-month parking

I want to get a monthly parking space.

Q.How can I get a monthly parking space?
A.We offer parking contracts for users in addition to residential or office parking contracts.
Each parking facility has its own restrictions on the types of vehicles, etc. For more information, contact the Parking Facility Sales Dept., Sales Division, Mori Building Co., Ltd. after checking the fees and vehicle restrictions, etc. (Tel: 03-6406-6712, hours: Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm).
Q.Which is more convenient, the self-drive parking facility or the mechanical parking facility?
A.Most people prefer the self-drive parking facilities, but the Roppongi Hills parking facilities have mechanical parking systems that can handle large vehicles, so we recommend these mechanical parking facilities to prevent vehicle crime. Please note that the facility you use will also depend on the type of vehicle. Please note that

I would like to make the parking costs as reasonable as possible.

Q.What is the Parking Passport service?
A.This is similar to a monthly commuter rail pass. In contrast to typical monthly parking contracts, this service has relatively simple procedures and is easy to use. This is a service that is particularly convenient for people who use the parking facilities at busy times.
The service is only available on weekdays, and offers low-cost parking for periods of less than 24 hours. There is also a short-term monthly fixed-term contract available that can be used for periods of 1 month only. For more information, contact the Parking Management Office (P1 parking facility, Tel: 03-6406-6678).
Q.What is the difference between all-day use and the weekday-only service?
A.With all-day use, you are billed at a fixed rate each time you use the parking facility, so it is convenient for commuters who park long-term and enter and leave the parking area once per day. The weekday-only parking is convenient for users who enter and exit the parking facility frequently on weekdays, but who do not need to use the parking facility on weekends.

Sightseeing bus, taxi

I want to visit by sightseeing bus or large bus.

Q.Is there Parking capacity for sightseeing bus?
A.There is not Parking capacity for sightseeing bus.
We understand beforehand and would like.
Q.Where do sightseeing buses pick up and drop off passengers?
A.Pull-off A on the 1st floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is the place designated for sightseeing buses to pick up and drop off passengers.
Q.How can I make sure that everyone in my group meets up at the same location?
A.People can be picked up or dropped off in front of the Mori Museum Cone on the 1st floor of Hillside. If you will be using a sightseeing bus, please check the Roppongi Hills Floor Guide and find the pick-up/drop-off location for people using sightseeing buses.

Using taxis and pull-off spots

Q.Is there a taxi stand at Roppongi Hills?
A.There is a taxi stand on the 1st floor of Mori Tower. A Nihon Kotsu dispatcher will call for taxis from 8 am to 2 am on weekdays and from 9 am to midnight on holidays.
Nihon Kotsu, toll-free (TEL: 0120-15-9609)
Q.What are the differences between pull-offs A, B, and C?
A.In carriage porch A, in sightseeing bus platform, carriage porch B, carriage porch C becomes office carriage porch again getting off ground and bus stops such as taxis.
Q.Can I park in a pull-off?
A.When it is parked, please use Parking capacity.

Attending events

Event parking facilities

Q.Is there sufficient parking set aside for events?
A.The total capacity of the Roppongi Hills parking facilities is 2,762 vehicles. There are more than 1,000 parking spaces that charge by the hour, and these can be used for event parking.
Q.Is there a parking discount service?
A.Please ask the event sponsor about discount services when using the parking facilities for events. Except for the P3 parking facility, Roppongi Hills parking fees are the same throughout the facility, so there is no problem in using any of the parking facilities. We recommend that you use parking facilities P1, P2, or P5.
Please review the Fees and Discounts section for more information about discount services.
Q.Which is the most convenient parking facility?
A.Please see the parking facility information for coming “By car”.

To customers bringing pets

Q.Are there limitations on the use of parking facilities if you have pets?
A.We ask customers coming by car and bringing pets to please park in P1 (mechanical) or P10 (self-drive).
P1 has a waiting room for customers with pets when the mechanical system is used.
We ask that users with large and medium-sized pets wait in the waiting room for their car to leave the garage.
About detailed place "person who comes by carPlease see information for Parking capacity of ".
We also ask that users with pets check the rules for pets in advance.