About Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills is a city where ideas are born, a city that fosters the development of open-minded people. We welcome people from all over the world and encourage them to interact in a safe space.


Roppongi Hills is a space where people participate. Everyone is encouraged to participate--residents, people who work here, and people who gather here. Everyone participates at Roppongi Hills.

Here, people engage in dialogue. At Roppongi Hills, people from all walks of life can enjoy new works of art, creatively prepared meals, and conversation, even about the difficult social problems we face in the current age. Interaction and enjoyable experiences take place with different types of people, and people come in contact with many ways of thinking. It is the participation of the individuals who bring their thoughts that contributes to change. It is this kind of interaction that gives birth to ideas about the type of future we can build.

Here Roppongi Hills intends to take the lead in Japan and in the Asian region in bringing about dialogue with the world. We want to create a unique vision of the future.…That is the kind of space we want to create.